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The SEM Scanner visits Wounds UK 2018

The SEM Scanner, prevention made real, visits Wounds UK 2018 conference

The SEM Scanner visits Wounds UK 2018

Wounds UK was held in Harrogate, UK on the 5th-7th November this year, the annual conference focused on ‘Data, Science & Practice – a national strategy for improving outcomes’ for 2018.  To support this, BBI, with the SEM Scanner, led with a message focussed upon positive impacts of the early detection of pressure ulcers.

We had a full agenda for the congress, starting with a symposium on day 1;

‘Understanding the Positive Impact of Early Detection of Pressure Ulcers on Staff and Patients’
Three members of the Pressure Ulcer Prevention (PUP) Advisory Board supported by an educational grant from BBI; Jacqui Fletcher, Jeanette Milne and Alison Schofield, presented a review of existing guidelines, standards and local protocols to formulate a pathway framework for early detection and prevention guidance.  The result of which is an early detection implementation algorithm and guidance on how to engage, implement, manage and sustain a change in practice

Alison Schofield and Jeanette Milne then supported the BBI team the next day on our SEM Scanner exhibition stand with our ‘Meet the Experts’ programme.  Where they reviewed “Early Identification of PU Risk” and “Escalation Strategies for Early Detection” in support of the early detection algorithm developed by the PUP advisory Board.

We also had a number of e-posters accepted at Wounds UK;
‘Integrating early detection of Pressure Ulcers (PU) into Universal Prevention Pathways.’  Which reviewed the results of real world PU prevention programmes using the SEM Scanner – 11 sites, 905 patients.  Resulting in a PU reduction of 89%


‘Novel intervention designed to the reduce incidence of Hospital Acquired Pressure Ulcers (HAPU’s) results in improved QALY and cost savings.’ The analysis presented improved outcomes for a 210 bed facility – £680K savings and an increase of 4.3 QALY’s

Thanks to the team at Wounds UK and the attending delegates for their enthusiasm and interest.