BBI is committed to ensuring responsible management and sustainable development across all aspects of the organisation, moving towards an environmentally sensitive approach. This journey starts with the launch of the Provizio® SEM Scanner.

We manage our impact on the environment with the Provizio SEM Scanner by;

Adhering to environmental regulations governing waste – Reduction of Hazardous Substances Standard (RoHS) and EU Directive on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE).

Using 100% recyclable packaging on the Provizio SEM Scanner and Charging Hub.

Manufacturing the Provizio SEM Scanner single use sensor using a lead-free solder.

Committing to being paper-free at Scientific Conferences and aiming to be paper free in our customer communications.


Sustainability Aim – our pathway forward

We will strive to improve our eco-vision in the coming year and prioritise a sustainable approach within all business activities.

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