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Conference Symposia and Oral Presentations

The Evolution of the Science of Sub-epidermal Moisture (SEM) Assessments

Presenting Author: Martin Burns

Co-Authors: Kate Hancock, Vignesh Iyer

Implementing SEM Assessments: Real-World Insights

SEM Scanner usage on an NHS palliative care unit – The Impact and The Experience

Presenting Authors: Bernadette McGlynn & Sally Wright

Sharing Real-World Experiences of Reduction and Prevention of Pressure Ulcers in a Care at Home Setting

Presenting Author: Carolanne Mainland

Real World Experiences of Early Detections of Pressure Ulcers in Cardiovascular ICU Patients Undergoing Prolonged Surgeries

Presenting Author: Janet Cuddigan

Co-Authors: Irish Parker, Alexa Johnson & Makaela Waddell

Insights on Enhanced Skin Assessment to Equitability Detect Early Tissue Damage and Pressure Injuries in Adult Patients in the Acute Care Setting

Presenting Author: Joyce Pittman

Co-Authors: Jo Ann Otts & Madhuri Mulekar

Why Is Early Detection of PU Development Needed?

Presenting Author: Zena Moore

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