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Provizio® SEM Scanner integrates into your existing pressure injury prevention care pathway as an
adjunct to the current standard of care
such that if a patient is assessed as being at risk, then sub-epidermal moisture (SEM) assessments are obtained from heels and sacral areas, accounting for the majority of all pressure injuries.

The technology has already been shown to readily fit into pressure injury prevention care pathways in acute, post-acute, community and hospice settings where a healthcare professional performs care.

Provizio® SEM Scanner

The device is used at admission, during the episode of care and at discharge. SEM delta (∆) values are recorded as an integral component of patients’ records and are passed with patients between care settings between admission and discharge.

Provizio SEM Scanner introduces a shift to pressure injury prevention by moving from reactive treatments to
proactive preventative pathways.

Provizio SEM Scanner is an FDA authorized (CE class IIa) portable, non-invasive, hand-held device for the identification of changes in the Biocapacitance of skin and tissue. It compares multiple local measurements to determine the difference in SEM values between potentially damaged and nearby healthy tissue.

Close-up of the Provizio SEM Scanner device showcasing its compact and ergonomic design.

Gateway Dashboard

The Provizio SEM Scanner scans, collects SEM delta (∆) values and transfers the data via Wi-Fi connection to the comprehensive Gateway Dashboard on the healthcare facilities IT network.

The Gateway Dashboard is a
seamless data transfer and management system
that enables capturing and transferring patient level data in real-time, site-by-site and patient-by-patient for ward and facility management purposes.

The Gateway Dashboard can be integrated with the healthcare facilities Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system to send patient SEM delta (∆) readings to their specific patient records.

Graphical user interface of the Provizio SEM Scanner, highlighting its advanced features for monitoring skin health

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