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Sub-Epidermal Moisture Assessment Evidence

At Bruin Biometrics, scientific knowledge, methods, and rigor underpin our decision-making and drive the actions we take. We pride ourselves on our ability to demonstrate the validity and credibility of our products through reliable results and empirical data.

We are committed to delivering clinically-validated medical technology that meets the highest standards of quality and evidence. By creating solutions that seamlessly integrate with the day-to-day delivery of healthcare, our technologies not only empower Health Care Practitioners (HCPs) in their clinical decisions but also enhance HCP experience and significantly improve patient outcomes.

Our mission is to modernize care pathways through developing and collaboratively integrating new-to-the-world biometric-sensor based medical devices.

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Implementation Studies

This body of clinical publications focuses on SEM assessment technology in a clinical setting, how best SEM assessments can support clinical decision making and the overwhelming benefits of implementing SEM assessment technology in any care setting to improve the prevention of pressure injuries/ulcers (PI/U).

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Science of SEM

This section focuses on the research completed to develop the SEM assessment technology foundational science and mode of operation. This includes how SEM assessment technology detects and measures SEM and how to treat a high SEM (∆) delta as a stage/category 1 PI/U to prevent them from further deterioration.

Systematic Reviews & Health Economics

This body of publications focuses on the systematic reviews of SEM assessment technology and confirms how sub-epidermal moisture is used to identify increased risk of PI/U. Also included are health economic papers highlighting the cost effectiveness and efficiency of using SEM assessment technology.

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Health Inequities

Focusing on an important aspect of current research in healthcare, this section details the research conducted to support the benefits of using SEM assessment technology to combat the health inequities of PI/U in areas such as skin colour and wheelchair bound patients.

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Clinical Practice Guidelines

These Clinical Practice Guidelines summarize where organizations have updated their PI/U guidelines to include using SEM assessment technology to assist healthcare practitioners in preventing PI/Us.


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