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Pressure Injury/Ulcer Prevention in all Care Settings

Provizio® SEM Scanner supports clinicians to identify specific anatomical areas at increased risk of pressure injury/ulcer (PI/U) development on admission and five days* earlier than visual skin assessment1 regardless of skin tone2

*Median. 1. Okonkwo H. et al. (2020). A blinded clinical study using a subepidermal moisture biocapacitance measurement device for early detection of pressure injuries. Wound Repair and Reg 2020;1-11. 2. Bates-Jensen, B. M., Mccreath, H. E. & Pongquan, V. 2009. Subepidermal moisture is associated with early pressure ulcer damage in nursing home residents with dark skin tones: pilot findings. J Wound Ostomy Continence Nurs, 36, 277-84.

Provizio® SEM Scanner

Close-up view of the Provizio SEM Scanner, a handheld device for assessing pressure injury risk.

Provides objective pressure injury/ulcer assessment

Enables anatomy specific interventions

Indicates increased risk 5 days* earlier than visual skin assessment regardless of skin tone.1,2

Digitalizing the Care Pathway

Objective assessment of pressure injury/ulcer risk

Captured and tracked in real-time

Integrated seamlessly to EMR

Close-up of the Provizio SEM Scanner device showcasing its compact and ergonomic design
Graphic representation of real-time pressure injury risk assessment with the Provizio SEM Scanner.
Schematic showing seamless integration of Provizio SEM Scanner data into electronic medical records.

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