Achieving pressure injury incidence reduction

Achieving Pressure Ulcer / Injury Incidence Reduction

Earlier is better in the treatment of pressure injuries, where a timely intervention can reverse the damage and prevent redness at the skin level. #PreventionMadeReal

(Pending FDA decision, not for sale in the US)

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Innovative technology

Innovative Technology

The first hand-held, safe, and accurate medical device enabling health care practitioners, as an adjunct to their clinical judgement, to detect tissue damage to heel and sacrum 5 days (median) before it becomes visible

(Pending FDA decision, not for sale in the US)

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A scan can make a difference

A scan can make a difference

In collaboration with health care practitioners and researchers, a new paradigm for pressure injury is being created

(Pending FDA decision, not for sale in the US)

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Pressure Ulcer Prevention Made Real

The SEM Scanner is a hand-held assessment device that detects early tissue damage underneath the skin before it becomes visible.


$25bn spent annually to the US healthcare system on pressure injuries 1


1.3 to 3 million patients in the US will suffer from avoidable pressure injuries per year 2


85-90% Pressure ulcers
are avoidable 2


$43,000 is the average cost of a pressure injury in a single hospital stay 4

References: 1. H6846 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD-HOUSE [Sept 6, 2017] [Colloquy of Mr.Collins] 2. Bennett G et al. (2004). The cost of pressure ulcers in the UK. Age and Ageing. 33(3) 230-235
3. Joint Commission 2007 “National Patient Safety Goal.” Goal 14
4. Preventing Pressure Ulcers in Hospitals—Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)

(Pending FDA decision, not for sale in the US)


Isle of Wight NHS Foundation Trust, UK

SEM Scanner was piloted on one ward for 2 months on medical and non-elective surgery patients who were deemed at risk according to the Waterlow Risk Assessment Tool. Used on 35 patients, with heels and sacrum scanned x1 per day.

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“This changes everything we know about pressure ulcer care”,  

NHS Isle of Wight, Glenn Smith

“These results were a combination of incidence reduction, good nursing care and advanced technology. The SEM Scanner, by providing evidence of early PU/PI damage and engaging patients and their families, helps our hospital teams protect patients and their loved ones from the potentially life-threatening repercussions of pressure ulcers.”

Virgin Care UK

Virgin Care in the UK Adopts BBI’s SEM Scanner

Virgin Care Community hospital inpatient service improvement project aimed at supporting early identification and prevention of avoidable hospital acquired pressure ulcers.

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*Pending FDA decision, not for sale in the US