Introducing ProvizioTM SEM Scanner

Introducing ProvizioTM SEM Scanner, the first hand-held wireless scanner with intelligence inside, for fast and easy Pressure Injury/Ulcer (PI/PU) risk assessments and the only SEM Scanner that acts as an adjunct to routine clinical skin assessment.

Digitally enhance the patient care pathway with built-in data transfer for enhanced insight and risk identification, five days* earlier than visual skin assessment.1

In clinical practice since 2014, the new ProvizioTM SEM Scanner has, in preliminary laboratory testing, shown the same precision as the previous SEM Scanner 200 model.2


The only SEM Scanner that acts as an adjunct to routine clinical skin assessment

Scan and identify increased risk of Pressure Injuries/Ulcers 5 days* earlier1

ProvizioTM SEM Scanner, the only hand-held wireless device, that offers PI/PU risk assessment insight by rapid scanning, effortless data capture and real-time data transfer

Real-time data

The device scans and collects patient data in real-time, site-by-site and patient-by-patient. When placed in the Provizio™ Charging Hub, the collected data automatically transfers to the comprehensive Gateway Dashboard for patient, ward and facility management purposes.

Objective PI/PU risk alerts

The objective, anatomically specific delta readings and integrated, seamless data management, help empower Healthcare Practitioners (HCPs) by earlier identification of increased PI/PU risk allowing targeted interventions, 5 days* before it becomes visible on the skin surface1.

Infection control in mind

ProvizioTM SEM Scanner, with its single-use sensor, helps to manage the burden of disinfection and infection control.

Intelligent technology supporting PI/PU prevention, developed in collaboration with health care practitioners and researchers.

Intelligent PI/PU prevention

The intelligent technology, designed in collaboration with HCPs and researchers, supports targeted PI/PU incidence reduction in all challenging healthcare environments. The technology identifies biocapacitance of soft tissues which is described as a biophysical marker.3

Technology empowering HCPs

An adjunct to the existing care pathway, ProvizioTM SEM Scanner puts intelligence in the palm of the HCP’s hand. The intuitive scanner and patient data dashboards empower HCPs to target PI/PU incidence reduction.

Seamless data management

Capture and transfer objective data on a select patient or wider patient population seamlessly and directly to the Gateway Dashboard. HCPs across the care pathway can review and share anatomically-specific data to help identify PI/PU risks for all their patients. As all data is collected and stored in digital format, managing and reporting is easier and faster than before.

The unique ProvizioTM SEM Scanner is creating a new paradigm for PI/PU prevention, digitally enhancing the care pathway across all healthcare settings.

Facilitate immediate action

The Provizio™ SEM Scanner is designed to rapidly and easily scan anatomically-specific areas of the body to identify increased risk of developing PI/PUs. The intuitive user interface makes it incredibly easy to use, scan, read, interpret and take action based on real-time results.

Earlier identification of increased PU risk

With the Provizio™ SEM scanner, HCPs have the ability to identify increased risk of PI/PU development 5 days* before it becomes visible on the skin surface.¹ The technology immediately reports PI/PU risk status on the individual patient, providing a clear pathway to help reduce PI/PU risk.

Reduce time and costs of care

Using Provizio™ SEM Scanner supports reduced nursing time and costs of care by avoiding the complications that arise from PI/PUs. Earlier identification of increased risk of PI/PU, enabling targeted interventions, helps reduce the cost of care, frees up nursing hours, releases bed days and increases ROI.13-15

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* Median

Clinical Evidence

Standard of Care Increasing Clinical Utility Device Functionality

Clinical Evidence

At BBI scientific knowledge, methods and rigour underpin everything we do. They inform our decision-making and drive the actions we take. Externally, we demonstrate valid results to affirm the credibility of our SEM Scanner technology.

To learn more about the supporting evidence please click on our clinical studies, the real world evidence and our Health Economic Outcomes Research.

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