Prevention Made Real

The SEM Scanner* is a hand-held assessment device designed to detect SEM, an early sign of tissue damage beneath the skin. SEM (Sub-epidermal moisture) has been studied to indicate damage 3-10 days before visual skin damage or pressure ulcer formation.1

*Pending FDA decision, not for sale in the US


Earlier is better in the treatment of pressure injuries, where a timely intervention can reverse the damage and prevent redness at the skin level


The world’s first hand-held assessment device supporting nurses or trained healthcare practitioners as an adjunct to their clinical judgment, to detect tissue damage


In collaboration with health care practitioners and researchers a new paradigm for pressure injury is being created

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Innovative Technology

Designed by a clinician for clinicians, the SEM Scanner receives high-ratings for ease of use and ease of implementation In Europe and Canada.

  • World's first assessment device to detect issue damage underneath the skin using capacitance technology
  • Designed and tested by clinicians to be used with existing clinical workflow
  • Real-time status of tissue damage around the bony prominences of heels and sacrum
  • Delta score ≤0.5 = suggests tissue is healthy; >0.5 may suggest pressure induced tissue damage

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Achieving Pressure Injury Incidence reduction

Designed by a clinician for clinicians, the SEM Scanner receives high-ratings for ease of use and ease of implementation in Europe and Canada

  • Proven to detect damage on the sacrum and heels 5 days (median) earlier than visual inspection
  • An adjunct to clinical judgement enabling clinicians to target location specific care
  • Allows quantitative identification of "invisible" damage to support prevention of HAPU
  • Facilitates real time monitoring of skin health during patient stay

To learn more about the clinical studies, case studies, real world evidence and health economic evidence click below:

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Collaborating To Make A Difference

The SEM Scanner is supported by a developing hierarchy of clinical and health economic evidence confirming the potential impact on the healthcare facility by introducing the SEM Scanner into a pressure ulcer/injury prevention programme as an adjunct to current practice including:

  • Clinical Studies
  • Case Studies
  • Global Real-World Evidence
  • Health Economic Modelling

Assessment takes approximately 1 minute to under 10 minutes and is easily incorporated into existing clinical workflows

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*Pending FDA decision, not for sale in the US

1. Moore et al. (2016). Subepidermal moisture (SEM) and bioimpedance: a literature review of a novel method for early detection of pressure-induced tissue damage (pressure ulcers). International Wound Journal, 14(2), pp.331-337