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Arjo partners with Highland Home Carers in Award Winning Project

Arjo partners with Highland Home Carers in Award Winning Project - USE THIS ONE


November 2023



  •  Pilot of using the hand-held Provizio® SEM Scanner led to no pressure ulcers developing in the home care setting during the entire project.
  • The project won both the Scottish Care Award for Technology & People in May 2023 and the Data Driven Innovation category at the Digital Health & Care Awards.
  • As well as the Highland Business Award for Innovation.

 Arjo, the premium global supplier of medical devices and solutions, has partnered with Highland Home Carers (HHC) in a successful pressure ulcer prevention pilot. The leading Scottish social care company used Arjo’s pressure ulcer prevention approach and the hand-held Provizio® SEM Scanner on  supported people identified as being at high risk of developing pressure ulcers – with the rewarding result of zero pressure ulcers developing throughout the project.

 The Provizio® SEM Scanner supports practitioners to detect deep and early stage pressure ulcers on specific anatomical areas of a supported person’s body on admission and 5 days*1 earlier than visual skin assessment. This objective risk assessment tool enables caregivers to deploy an early and targeted pressure ulcer prevention strategy. This hand-held scanner is the only device that can detect sub-epidermal moisture below the surface of the skin on heels and sacrum, giving that early indication of potential pressure ulcer development.

The HHC test of change project included the ambitious aim to achieve a 70% reduction in pressure ulcers through early detection. The project involved 28 participants that had been identified as being at ‘high risk’ of developing pressure ulcers, with 30% having previously experienced them. In addition, a target of a 40% reduction on pressure ulcer related hospital admissions was identified by HHC.

During the project, which has garnered two major national healthcare awards, care practitioners have worked closely with Arjo focusing on real-world usage of the Provizo® SEM scanner. The partnership with Arjo has also led to HHC developing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for scanning criteria and next steps following scanning results. Consideration was made for correct transportation and charging of the hand-held device in the community setting.

At the end of the evaluation, none of the supported people involved in the project had developed a pressure ulcer, which also means that there were no hospital admissions whatsoever. Additionally, HHC reported that District Nurse visits were significantly reduced.

“We estimate that the study resulted in a 50% reduction in District Nurse callouts. Where previously, Care Practitioners would call District Nurses to look at redness on the surface of the skin, our Practice Support Technicians were enabled to initiate interventions based on a pre-determined score on the device,” says Carolanne Mainland, HHC Director of Operations.

“The empirical data from the pilot, as well as the two awards, is now drawing the attention of both clinicians and health economists and we have been invited to share our experience at several industry conferences,” she continues.

Game changer for pressure ulcer prevention

The success of the award winning pilot scheme could be a game changer for people at risk of developing pressure ulcers at home and for their care providers. Considering the pain, suffering and indignity these sometimes fatal ulcers can cause – with an estimated cost of treating each pressure ulcer between £1,214 – £14,1082 – the health and financial outcomes benefits could be far reaching.

“We are very proud to have partnered with Highland Home Carers on this project. Using the Provizio® SEM Scanner has enabled them to achieve their ambitious targets and support their mission to provide the very highest standard of care,” says Danielle Harrison, National Sales Manager, at Arjo.

Following this award winning project, Arjo has seen a surge in interest in the Provizio® SEM Scanner in the UK. This is also facilitated by the scanner and its sensors being made available on frameworks under NHS Supply Chain, Health Trust Europe and NHS Shared Business Services and the single use sensor heads also being available for prescription under Drug Tariff. Work to make them available on other systems, such as ONPOS and Total Purchase, is ongoing.

“For organisations considering implementing the Provizio® SEM Scanner, there are a number of flexible solutions designed to meet individual challenges, from placement or rental models through to capital purchase. Our team will help interested customers find the most effective solution,” Danielle explains.

Continuing with the company’s partnership approach, Arjo provides a bespoke training programme to embed the scanner into everyday routines. This includes a ‘train the trainer’ model to allow sustainability for ongoing support. As part of the after sales support, a local Clinical Manager will also arrange quarterly review meetings where any training requirements will be discussed.

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 About Arjo:

At Arjo, we believe that empowering movement within healthcare environments is essential to quality care. Our products and solutions are designed to promote a safe and dignified experience through patient handling, medical beds, personal hygiene, disinfection, diagnostics, and the prevention of pressure ulcers and venous thromboembolism. With more than 6,500 people worldwide and over 65 years caring for patients and healthcare professionals, we are committed to driving healthier outcomes for people facing mobility challenges.

About Highland Home Carers:

Operating across the Highland region since 1994, Highland Home Carers care for and support people living in their own homes, people often with highly complex health and social care needs, and working alongside doctors, nurses and other health care professionals.

Alongside traditional home care, HHC provides one-to-one support work tailored to individuals’ needs.  Currently providing a key service for those with complex needs in Fortrose, at Lomond & Leachkin on the New Craigs Campus, Inverness.

The care HHC provides, allows people to live well as part of their community, avoiding the need for long term hospital or residential home stays, bringing people mental and physical health benefits.

The people cared for and supported by HHC are referred by statutory partners in health or social work.

HHC has a staff roster of around 250 people making it one of the largest private employers in the Highlands. It is also the biggest employee-owned company in Scotland, and one of the UK’s “top 50”.

 About Bruin Biometrics

Bruin Biometrics, LLC, is a pioneer in modernizing health care with biometric sensor technology for early detection and monitoring of chronic, preventable conditions in collaboration with clinicians.

Bruin Biometrics work on SEM Assessment Technology has been recognized with multiple global healthcare innovation awards and is implemented in healthcare facilities across a variety of care settings.

Bruin Biometrics HQ is based in Los Angeles.

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