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Implementation Studies

This body of clinical publications focuses on SEM assessment technology in a clinical setting, how SEM assessments can support clinical decision making and the overwhelming benefits of implementing SEM assessment technology in any care setting to improve the prevention of pressure injuries.

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Is it Time to Re-Evaluate the Inevitability of Ulcers at the End of Life?

Raine, G. 2021. International Journal of Palliative Nursing

Aim: A pragmatic study was conducted to assess the feasibility of preventing pressure injury using SEM technology as an adjunct to routine care in a 22-bed inpatient hospice.

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Evaluating the Impact on Hospital Acquired Pressure Injury/Ulcer Incidence in a United Kingdom NHS Acute Trust from Use of Sub-Epidermal Scanning Technology.

Nightingale, P., and Musa, L. 2021. Journal of Clinical Nursing

Aim: A pragmatic study, aligning with SQUIRE guidelines, was conducted at Chelsea and Westminster hospitals to measure the impact of adding scanning technology to the prevailing standard of care pathway on the incidence of category 2–4 hospital-acquired pressure injury.

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Clinical Impact of a Sub-Epidermal Moisture Scanner: What Is the Real-World Use?

Musa, L. et al. 2021. Journal of Wound Care

Aim: The presence of sub-epidermal moisture (SEM) over a bony prominence is indicative of incipient pressure injury. Early identification of patients at increased risk of pressure injury can prompt interventions that reduce the incidence and severity of hospital (or community)-acquired pressure injury (HAPI).

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Implementing a New Approach to Pressure Ulcer Prevention.

Ore, N., Carver, T. 2020. Journal of Community Nursing

Aim: This article describes the experience of a North West England Community Trust organisation piloting the implementation of SEM Scanner as an adjunct to their pressure injury care pathway within a small cohort of patients.


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