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Shortlisted for the Health Service Journal’s (HSJ) new Partnership of the Year award

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Shortlisted for the Health Service Journal’s (HSJ) new Partnership of the Year award

New for 2018, the Partnership of the Year award looks to recognise, celebrate and create a platform for the best products and services being used by the NHS. Further to winning HSJ’s 2018 Best Innovation in Medical Technology award in March this year, we have been shortlisted as one of the finalists for this category, which is a significantly greater honour than if we had been able to enter ourselves. The HSJ says that the Partnerships award: “identifies leaders and innovators within healthcare”, and goes on to say that, “as the demands on the NHS to deliver greater quality care with increased efficiency intensifies, the HSJ Healthcare Partnerships Awards will highlight how suppliers are aligning themselves with essential savings happening in the NHS today and celebrate how they are helping to make a difference”.

Our SEM Scanner, a device designed to alert clinicians to potential pressure damage not yet visible at the skin surface, facilitating earlier and anatomically specific interventions to reverse damage and prevent the bedsores (otherwise known as pressure ulcers) from breaking through the skin will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Ambition
    The challenge and context within which a project, person or organisation is set alongside its goals and targets, whether quantitative or qualitative.
  • Outcome
    The benefits realised from the point of view of patients, organisation, leadership, value creation, efficiencies and cost.
  • Spread
    The dissemination of success in terms of how work has been picked up and replicated elsewhere.
  • Value
    The creation of value from the point of view of patient satisfaction and experience, reduction in bureaucracy, time saved for staff at any level.
  • Involvement
    The stakeholder’s buy-in and contribution toward the project initiatives and outcomes. How have the relevant staff, patients and partnerships worked together to realise the success?

Whatever the outcome, we are very much looking forward to meeting some 1,700 healthcare professionals for an evening of celebrating the wonderful work of the NHS and wider sector at The Intercontinental Hotel in London on 21 November.