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Provizio® SEM Scanner Single Use Sensors Awarded Onto NHS Supply Chains Tower 5 Pressure Area Care framework

SEM scanner single use sensors awarded onto NHS supply chains tower 5 pressure area care framework

Arjo, the exclusive distributor of the Provizio® SEM Scanner, has been successful in having Provizio® SEM Scanner Single Use Sensors awarded onto the NHS Supply Chains (NHSSC) Tower 5 Pressure Area Care framework.

The NHSSC are committed to playing their part in supporting the NHS to deliver safe and excellent patient care. They manage more than 8 million orders per year provided by over 930 suppliers enabling them to bring value and maximum savings to their customers. As the largest framework provider to the NHS, this addition plays a crucial role in ensuring Arjo customers have a compliant procurement route and helps solidify Arjo’s position as a trusted partner for the NHS in Pressure Ulcer prevention.

To achieve these awards, the Provizio® SEM Scanner has been evaluated to assess the benefits provided through Pressure Ulcer prevention and, therefore, the value provided in avoiding associated costs of Pressure Ulcer treatment.

To find out more about how the Provizio® SEM Scanner can help your organisation to deploy a targeted and tailored Pressure Ulcer prevention strategy that helps minimise incidence and reduce overall cost and time to care, click here.