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Provizio®️ SEM Scanner at NPIAP 2021 Annual Conference

a machine learning based algorithm for differential diagnosis of a heal DTPI based on a daily history of biocapacitance measurements

This week brings the 2021 NPIAP Annual Conference – Sharpening the Edge in Pressure Injury and Treatment, being held virtually from 10th – 12th March 2021.

As part of our exclusive distribution agreement with Arjo – the Provizio SEM Scanner will feature on Arjo’s virtual booth in the Virtual Exhibit Hall – connect in real-time with Arjo to hear more.

Also, join Professor Amit Gefen, at his oral presentation session, Thursday 11th March 16.30 PST, where he describes the use of Artificial Intelligence in differential diagnosis of deep tissue injury based on a data set from one of Bruin Biometrics key foundational studies.