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Martin Burns, Comments on Importance of the Release of the SEM Assessment Evidence Release

Martin Burns, CEO commented that the release of the Evidence Report by Bruin Biometrics “shares an important milestone in the science surrounding the eitiology and pathology of pressure injuries.”

The Evidence Report describes a deliberate and sequential research trajectory:

  • Understanding early research and pressure injury etiology
  • Developing the research methods
  • Establishing clinical and financial utility in the real-world environment

Figure 1 Bruin Biometrics Research Trajectory

Martin went to explain that the Report includes data from >70 peer-reviewed publications: 49 different lead authors in 31 journals in the USA, UK, Europe, Australia, and China. The data has also been  widely presented and debated at scientific conferences in the US, Canada, EU, UK, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East. “Our thanks are extended to everyone who has contributed in terms of researchers, advisors and organisations”

Figure 2 Contributors: excerpt from Burns M, et al. EPUAP 2023

The Evidence Report provides key insights into the published data supporting:

  • The mechanism of the detection, monitoring, and measurement of sub-epidermal moisture.
  • The utility of the device to detect, measure and treat localized edema as a clinical condition.
  • How to use the device to treat localized edema to interrupt the clinical course of pressure injuries and deep tissue pressure injuries.
  • Describing the challenges of the standard of care in keeping the patient’s skin intact.
  • Recounting the systematic integration of the device as a routine procedure in pressure injury prevention across all care settings.
  • Sharing the outcomes, both clinical and financial, for health systems, healthcare practitioners, patients, and providers.

To order a copy of the Evidence Report, click here.

To learn more about the Provizio® SEM Scanner and its role in helping to prevent pressure injuries and support reducing healthcare disparities, contact Kate Hancock, EVP, External Communications. [email protected]

* A pressure injury can also be known as a pressure ulcer, pressure sore, decubitus ulcer and bed sore.