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Martin Burns, CEO Bruin Biometrics talks to digitalhealth journal

Martin Burns, CEO of Bruin Biometrics was recently interviewed by health journalist Andrea Chipman from digitalhealth Journal regarding the role technology can play in helping to prevent one of the most challenging patient safety issues: pressure injuries*.

Commenting on the challenge Martin stated, “There has been an awful lot of science put into the etiology and pathophysiology of pressure injuries and in the how and why they develop and the course of their disease state.” Using this knowledge, technology, such as the Provizio® SEM Scanner will now enable “healthcare practitioners to find it early enough so they can intervene correctly, changing the course of the disease state and meaning the patient doesn’t have to develop what are referred to as broken skin ulcers, the ones that cause all the complexities, such as increased costs and higher patient suffering” Burns said.

The technology also has an important role to play in supporting reducing healthcare inequities for dark skin tone patients.

“What’s wonderful about this is that it’s skin-tone agnostic, and the reason is because the pathophysiological elements of skin and tissue are broadly, from what we can see in our data, the same regardless of skin tone,” Burns says. “So, the technology is diagnosing more of the right patients and anatomies, rather than missing them, and it has levelled the health disparity playing field.”

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* A pressure injury can also be known as a pressure ulcer, pressure sore, decubitus ulcer and bed sore.