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Gateway Enterprise Line Extension Announcement for News

gateway enterprise line extension announcement

Bruin Biometrics announce new features for the Provizio® SEM Scanner Gateway Dashboard.

New Enterprise feature enables installation of the Gateway Dashboard in multiple facilities in a single hospital system with one installation. This development also allows the healthcare team advanced filter options with which to analyse their patients Provizio® SEM Scanner pressure injury/ulcer risk assessments including:

  • By facility
  • By ward
  • By patient
  • By anatomical location
  • All configurable by a date range

Data can also now be downloaded via a CSV file to enable more detailed analysis and graphical portrayal to be developed supporting targeted analysis of specific patient groups, e.g., root cause analysis and litigation investigation, and over time better understanding of the status of PIP strategies in their facility.

Interested in learning more about how Provizio® SEM Scanner and the Gateway Dashboard can help you with your pressure injury/ulcer prevention programmes? Contact us now: [email protected]