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Gateway / EMR Integration Update

gateway, emr integration update

Our Development Promise

At Bruin Biometrics we continue to develop and enhance our Gateway Dashboard with a new feature designed to enhance user experience; enabling manual addition and editing of a patient’s name and start to move closer towards full integration with Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems. We are working hard towards our goal of the seamless integration of the SEM Delta (∆) data with EMR. More news will be released soon on our journey to enable this seamless communication between the Gateway Dashboard and EMR systems.

Once the Provizio® SEM Scanner is placed in the charging hub all delta readings per patient barcode are transferred to the Gateway Dashboard. This dashboard of information is available for Administrative and Clinical personnel within the facility to undertake individual and facility-level analysis.


What You’ll See

Manual Patient Name Edit is a configurable option which the facility can choose to access. It will allow the facility to add and edit any patient name if it is incorrect for any reason. This is key for healthcare practitioners who care for patients and not patient IDs, helping to make sure that the patient and the scans are fully aligned on all systems.

As we continually expand the geographical scope of the Gateway Dashboard to 17 languages we have also released several usability updates and features that apply based on the language selected, making the Gateway Dashboard ideal for all users in multiple countries.


Prevention at Your Facility

The combination of Provizio® SEM Scanner and the Gateway Dashboard allows your facility to effectively manage and monitor your patients, supporting PI/U prevention in a variety of care settings.


The Gateway Dashboard enables users to:
1. View patient SEM deltas (Δ) and individual scans for individual patient assessments.
2. Track a patient’s SEM deltas (Δ) from admission and at various time points; by day, week, month or year.
3. View active Provizio SEM Scanners and total number of SEM Deltas (Δ) taken weekly.
4. View reports on the patient, the setting and the total population scanned.


Contact ARJO to learn more about digitizing your PI/U prevention care pathway here.