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Bruin Biometrics CEO Martin Burns Attends NPIAP Panel Meeting

NPIAP (National Pressure Injury Advisory Panel) held their Summer Panel Meeting on August 17-18 in Boston, Massachusetts. The Panel Meetings enable face-to-face discussions on key topics close to the NPIAP strategy and mission. Industry members join with Academics, Researchers, and healthcare practitioners in 2 days of discussion and debate around the topic of Pressure Injuries/Ulcers.

Martin acts as the Liaison of the Corporate Advisory Council as part of the NPIAP Panel Meeting. This group represents ~130 different companies within wound care on the Panel, and a CAC Breakout Meeting is held at each of the Panel events.

In the Breakout meeting, Martin welcomed new members from Medline, Abbott and Agiliti. Martin also discussed the CAC Charter with the members, reminding them of the opportunities that are available as members of the CAC.

An ROI tool was also previewed that the Bruin Biometrics team have developed for the CAC to support the CAC members in defining the value of CAC membership with their peers. This will be reviewed by the NPIAP Board of Directors before being finalized and shared with the CAC.

In his role, Martin acts as the link between the NPIAP Board and the CAC members, bringing his long industry experience to achieve greater communication, liaison, and value to the CAC and the wider NPIAP.

To learn more about CAC Membership within the NPIAP, contact Kate Hancock [email protected].