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Bedsores: a silent epidemic – learn how you can help prevent them!

Nurse talking to patient in hospital

What are bedsores and why are they so common?

Bedsores (also known as pressure ulcers) are injuries to the skin, primarily caused by prolonged pressure. People who are immobile for long periods of time are highly susceptible to bedsores and are the most reported patient harm in the NHS causing acute pain and even leading to fatal complications in severe cases.1

So, what can be done to help prevent bedsores? Martin Burns, CEO, BBI LLC said:

“A growing number of hospitals are updating their pressure ulcer care protocols which is great news. When BBI collaborates with them to implement our SEM Scanner – a hand-held device which objectively alerts clinicians to specific areas of the body at increased risk for developing bedsores2 – data from the SEM Scanner can facilitate terrific reductions (92% average) in pressure ulcer incidence.3

A quick scan of the skin with the SEM Scanner has been found to identify increased risk of bedsores days before they become visible on the skin surface2; bedsores can be largely prevented if the right interventions are applied early enough to the right parts of the body.

So, what can you do to help prevent pressure ulcers? Martin Burns, CEO, BBI LLC wants to encourage, “people to talk more about these wounds. Better yet, we want to achieve a situation where bedsores are no longer discussed as early identification and prevention will have made them the ‘never event’ they ought to be.”

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