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BBI extends partnership with RCSI on diabetic foot ulcer prevention research

Logo for Skin Wounds, and Trauma (SWaT) Research Centre at RCSI (Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland)

We are delighted to announce the extension of our partnership with the Skin Wounds, and Trauma (SWaT) Research Centre at RCSI (Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland), undertaking a number of collaborative projects alongside the SEM Scanner.

The research programme will continue to explore biocapacitance science as a novel methodology supporting Diabetic Foot Ulcer (DFU) prevention. Seeking to radically alter the progression of the disease while contributing to the biological understanding of DFU development, the underlying pathophysiology and biomarkers, such as sub-epidermal moisture (SEM). The ultimate aim is to prevent Diabetic Foot Ulceration and reduce the prevalence of this significant public health problem.

“The team at the Skin Wounds and Trauma (SWaT) Research Centre at RCSI is delighted with the opportunity to extend our partnership with BBI LLC. Our research collaboration to date has yielded highly significant clinical data mainly in the area of pressure ulcer prevention. The planned study will extend our research relationship into the area of Diabetic Foot Ulceration and how it can be prevented through earlier identification by the analysis of the role of biocapacitance technology in DFU prevention. At the heart of our research are patient outcomes that will improve patient quality of life. Our aim is that this study will continue to make a significant mark on the area of earlier identification of Diabetic Foot Ulceration with the resultant outcome that the lives of patients and their families are improved” said Professor Zena Moore, Director, SWaT Research Centre. RCSI.

“I am delighted to extend the partnership with the RCSI and I look forward to the new advances our continued collaboration will bring in the prevention of this pernicious clinical problem,” said Martin Burns, CEO, BBI LLC