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BBI Showcases SEM Scanner Innovations at SAWC Fall 2018

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BBI exhibits at SAWC Fall 2018 to share the latest clinical and real-world data

The Symposium on Advanced Wound Care (SAWC) Fall, one of the largest wound care conferences globally, was held in Las Vegas from November 2-4, 2018. This event is renowned for advancing patient outcomes through expert education on the latest in wound care.

Educating Clinicians on the SEM Scanner

BBI proudly supported SAWC Fall to educate wound care clinicians on the Provizio SEM Scanner’s groundbreaking technology, showcasing how it operates and the clinical data underpinning its effectiveness in preventing pressure ulcers. This session provided an invaluable platform for attendees to grasp the capabilities and benefits of the SEM Scanner in clinical settings.

Expert Insights from Clinical Study Investigator

BBI was honoured to have Ruth Bryant, a distinguished clinical study investigator, present at our booth. She engaged with visitors, offering her firsthand insights into the SEM Scanner’s impact in real-world clinical scenarios and further highlighting the device’s practical applications and benefits.

Showcasing Success Through Clinical Evidence

BBI presented a compelling poster authored by Kate Hancock and Rachael Lawrance, “Pressure Ulcer Prevention Programme (PURP): Enabling Clinically Effective Management of Patients at Risk of Pressure Ulcers (PU)”. This presentation underscored the effectiveness of PURPs across the UK, Spain, and Canada and provided compelling evidence of the SEM Scanner’s role in enhancing patient care and outcomes.

We thank the SAWC Fall team and all delegates for their enthusiasm and interest in the SEM Scanner. BBI remains committed to leading the way in innovative wound care solutions and looks forward to continuing our journey to improve patient outcomes worldwide.