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BBI CEO Martin Burns discusses the future of healthcare and the importance of prevention with Authority Magazine

Martin Burns, CEO of BBI, North America's Entrepreneur of the Year - Biometrics industry

As part of an interview series with leaders in healthcare, Martin Burns talks to Authority Magazine;

Martin discusses how BBI is leading the conversation about pressure ulcer prevention from the front, with the SEM Scanner. The world’s first FDA-authorized device to objectively alert clinicians to specific anatomical areas of a patient’s body at increased risk for developing pressure damage.1

“With the SEM Scanner, we are equipping nurses with information that they can’t get anywhere else. This information about those historically undetectable changes in skin and tissue prior to redness appearing is new for nurses and is ground-breaking actionable clinical insight.” Martin Burns

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1. Okonkwo H. Milne et al. (2018). Evaluation of a Novel Device Using Capacitance of the Detection of Early Pressure Ulcers (PU), a Multi-Site Longitudinal Study. Accepted and presented at NPUAP