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Arjo Australia sign a Joint Marketing Agreement with BBI (Europe) Ltd.

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Arjo Australia sign a Joint Marketing Agreement with BBI (Europe) Ltd.

Arjo, a market-leading supplier of medical devices and solutions, today signed a Joint Marketing Agreement with BBI (Europe) Ltd allowing both companies to work together for the promotion of a Pressure Injury (PI) Prevention Solution Set combining the BBI SEM Scanner 200 and Arjo PI interventions, including specialised beds, therapeutic surfaces and patient mobility equipment, resulting in an offering that provides real preventive healthcare for those at risk of pressure injuries.

The Trans-Tasman JMA encompasses Arjo Australia and Arjo New Zealand and follows the success of a similar and existing agreement with Arjo’s UK and Ireland division.

PIs are one of the highest reported and preventable patient harm incidences. The cost associated with PI treatment and prevention is a significant burden on the healthcare sector.

In Australia over the period 2015 – 2016 almost 4,500 patients1 experienced a PI with a cost burden equal to almost 2% of public hospital expediture2. Whilst in New Zealand approximately 4-8% of those that receive healthcare experience a PI regardless of their age or mobility3.

“For over 25 years, Arjo has established a proud and successful record in bringing innovative solutions to the Australian and New Zealand healthcare markets, across both the Acute and Long-Term Care segments. The ability to strengthen our prevention offering with BBI (Europe) Ltd allows us to progress our shared goal of reducing PIs.” says Michael Luxton, President, Arjo South East Asia Pacific.

Arjo’s PI Prevention Solutions enable healthcare professionals to effectively prevent and treat PIs. Our offering, including an integrated clinical approach, products, business models and aftermarket support improves patient outcomes and reduces healthcare costs.

The SEM Scanner 200 is a wireless, hand-held device that objectively alerts clinicians to specific anatomical areas of a patient’s body at increased risk of PI. The SEM Scanner 200 supports clinicians, as an adjunct to current standard of care, to identify those areas of increased risk of PI development 5 days (median)4 earlier than visual skin assessment.

Colin Priestley, Chief Commercial Officer BBI stated, “BBI is delighted to continue and broaden our work with Arjo, a recognised healthcare solutions provider. This agreement, incorporating the innovative technology of the SEM Scanner 200, will enable healthcare practitioners across Australia and New Zealand to further develop their prevention protocols as they continue to strive for PI incidence reduction”.

The extension to the Joint Marketing Agreement will commence with immediate effect.

For further information, please contact:
For Arjo
George Ltaif, Marketing & Communications Director, SEAPAC
Tel: +61 (0)407 720 419
E-mail: [email protected]

Kate Hancock, VP Marketing and Clinical Communications, North America and EMEA
Tel: +44 7827 315347
E-mail: [email protected]

About Arjo
At Arjo, we are committed to improving the everyday lives of people affected by reduced mobility and age-related health challenges. With products and solutions that ensure ergonomic patient handling, personal hygiene, disinfection, diagnostics, and the effective prevention of pressure injuries and venous thromboembolism, we help professionals across care environments to continually raise the standard of safe and dignified care. Arjo has approximately 6,000 employees worldwide and customers in over 100 countries. In 2018, Arjo sales amounted to approximately SEK 8.2 billion. Arjo is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm and its head office is located in Malmö, Sweden. Everything we do, we do with people in mind.

BBI (Bruin Biometrics) LLC, is a pioneer in modernising health care with biometric sensor technology for early detection and monitoring of chronic, preventable conditions in collaboration with clinicians. BBI has been the recipient of multiple awards with recognition from organisations such as Journal of Wound Care, Health Service Journal and Frost & Sullivan. BBI is based in Los Angeles and has its European office in Manchester, UK.

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