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Letter to the editor in the prestigious International Wound Journal describing the laboratory comparative work for the 2nd generation SEM Scanner Provizio™

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BBI are delighted to share a letter to the editor of International Wound Journal in which Peko L., et al, Tel Aviv University, Faculty of Bioengineering, describe their laboratory tests of the second-generation ProvizioTM SEM Scanner.

In the letter they describe their findings when they compared the sensitivity of Provizio™ SEM Scanner to SEM Scanner 200 using the already published and accepted phantom methodology1. The results demonstrate that ProvizioTM SEM Scanner is sensitive in detecting fluid changes of 1ml, similar to SEM Scanner 200.

1. Peko L., et al. (2019) Phantom testing of the sensitivity and precision of a sub-epidermal moisture scanner. Int Wound J. 16(4):979-988

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