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Earlier is better in the prevention of Pressure Injuries/Ulcers (PI/PUs), where a timely intervention can potentially reverse the damage and prevent the wound from breaking through the skin.


To find out more, download our most recent real world publication presented at EWMA 2020 Virtual Congress here:

Reducing Pressure Injury/Ulcer (PI/U) Ulcer through the Introduction of Technology

Or select from our real world evidence detailed below.

Community Care

Striving for Perfect Care – Preventing skin breakdown in the community setting in the UK

Logo for NHS Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust Community and Mental Health Services

Nicky Ore. et al., Head of Clinical Governance, Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust EPUAP, Lyon, France, 2019

Results from a New Pressure Ulcer Prevention Bundle A Community Facility

EWMA, Bremen, Germany 2016

Pressure Ulcer Reduction Evaluation

Danielle Nation, Matron, Athlone Rehabilitation Unit
Central London Community Healthcare

Acute Care

Evaluation of Novel Sub-Epidermal Moisture (SEM) Technology in Early Pressure Ulcer Detection Versus Conventional Techniques

Cork University Hospital Logo (CUH)

Sharon O’Keeffe, CNS Tissue Viability & Pat McCluskey Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Cork University Hospital, Ireland

Tissue Viability Conference, Southampton, UK, 2019

Utility of a sensor-based technology to assist in the prevention of pressure ulcers: A clinical comparison

Scarborough Health Network logo

Rose Raizman. et al., Scarborough Health Network, Canada

International Wound Journal, 2018, 1-12

Improved clinical outcomes in pressure ulcer prevention using the SEM Scanner

NHS Isle of Wight logo

Glenn Smith, Formerly Clinical Nurse Specialist, Nutrition & Tissue Viability, St Mary’s Hospital, Isle of White

Journal of Wound Care, 2019, Vol 28:5

A Quality Improvement Initiative in the Acute Setting

Ruth Ropper, Senior Nurse Project Support previously Lead Nurse Tissue Viability, NHS Lothian

Is it time to re-evaluate the inevitability of SCALE ulcers?

Marie Curie yellow daffodil logo

Raine G. (2021). Lead Nurse, Marie Curie Hospice, Newcastle upon Tyne

International Journal of Palliative Nursing, Vol 27, No 9

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Hospice Care

Prevention, Prevention, Prevention - Tackling the No 1 Patient Safety Issue

Marie Curie yellow daffodil logo

Gillian Raine, Lead Nurse, Marie Curie, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Patient Safety Congress, Manchester, UK, 2018

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