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Treat Raised SEM Deltas (Δ) to prevent
broken skin PI/U and DTIs

The Status Quo

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PUs are frequent, serious and expensive wounds1,2,3,4

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PUs occur in hospital, hospice and community settings

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Risk assessments are subjective and not anatomy specific5

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Current standard of care (visual and tactile skin assessments) cannot detect pre ulceration skin changes which can then progress to more severe broken skin PUs

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Skin assessments only trigger interventions after skin redness is visible

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Current standard of care fails patients with dark skin tone, as redness is not visible6

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Changing The Status Quo

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Electrical property of tissue; a biophysical measure of changes in localized oedema also known as sub-epidermal moisture (SEM)

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Tissue biocapacitance increases when SEM increases

As a result of a localized inflammatory response triggered due to a developing PU; this is non-visible tissue damage7

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SEM is one of the earliest indicators of a developing PU that is still microscopic

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Concept of SEM is now proven in the published literature:

  • SEM can now be accurately measured via the Provizio® SEM Scanner8,9
  • Raised SEM is proven to indicate microscopic pre ulcer skin changes
  • Raised SEM should be regarded as a condition that should be treated
  • Treat a raised SEM delta as per a stage one PU
  • Monitor the impact of your treatment actions ……and review the care plan

7. Gefen et al 2020 8. Brunetti et al 2023 9. Peko et al 2020

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