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Bruin Biometrics Regains Direct Sales and Marketing of its Provizio® SEM Scanner

Bruin Biometrics, LLC (“BBI”) today announced that distribution of BBI’s Provizio SEM Scanner, which is designed to modernize pressure injury prevention, is in the process of transitioning from Arjo, Inc. to BBI. As a result, BBI will take back control of the sales and marketing of the Provizio SEM Scanner in a move the company describes as “best suited to the digital, clinical workflow and health economic challenges healthcare providers all over the world are faced with as they seek to prevent and manage pressure injury incidence.” Discussions between BBI and Arjo regarding this transition are ongoing.

Martin Burns, CEO of BBI, commented, “BBI is a world leader in pressure injury prevention. We have certainty about the company’s direction and are determined that regaining control of the Provizio SEM Scanner at this time better aligns with our mission to help healthcare practitioners and patients ensuring greater success for the Provizio SEM Scanner and its users. This move also allows us to define our future in a digital world. All users and partners are being informed and they, and the patients they care for, remain our top priority as we transition into this new and exciting era.”

The decision follows a phenomenal year of ground-breaking clinical and health economic advancements for the Provizio SEM Scanner. Key advances achieved by BBI in 2023 include:

1. The FDA acknowledged that sub-epidermal moisture is the equivalent of persistent focal edema and localized edema, and that sub-epidermal moisture is measured and monitored by the Provizio SEM Scanner, accepting an expanded labelling [(K231830, September 2023)].

2. The US Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) approved the ICD-10 PCS procedure code, XX2KXP9, for the SEM scanning procedure, recognizing the utility of the technology in measuring and monitoring SEM which, when treated, significantly aids in preventing pressure injuries and deep tissue injuries.

3. The UK’s Department of Health and Social Care’s Drug Tariff now provides payment for scanner sensors at the point of care for all of the UK’s at-home patients, with the Provizio SEM Scanner being the first “pressure injury prevention sensor” to be added to the Drug Tariff.