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Bruin Biometrics Announces PIPPA To Integrate NPIAP’s SPIPP Checklist 2.0

Martin Burns, CEO of Bruin Biometrics announces its PIPPA (Pressure Injury Prevention Personal Assistant), will now integrate NPIAPs Standardized Pressure Injury Prevention Protocol (SPIPP) checklist 2.0.

“We are thrilled to introduce PIPPA, a game-changing platform that embodies our commitment to patient safety and innovative healthcare solutions,” said Martin “The integration of the NPIAP’s SPIPP checklist into PIPPA, along with the capabilities of our Provizio® SEM Scanner, will enable healthcare providers to adopt best practices effortlessly, ensuring better care and clinical outcomes.”

“The inclusion of the SPIPP checklist in Bruin Biometrics’ PIPPA platform marks a significant advancement in the prevention of HAPIs,” stated Dr Joyce Black, President of NPIAP. “This collaboration leverages our clinical guidelines with cutting-edge technology, providing healthcare providers with the tools they need to effectively reduce HAPIs and improve patient outcomes.”

PIPPA is fully integrated with Bruin Biometrics’ Provizio SEM Scanner. This integration enables real-time monitoring and early intervention, significantly enhancing the effectiveness of pressure injury prevention strategies. PIPPA is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing Electronic Medical Records, and automates the production of the SPIPP checklist, ensuring high fidelity data collection and ease of use.

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